Music as a Ministry

What the Bible teaches about music and how to make full use of music to worship the Lord and fulfill a ministry.

Musical Instruments

We offer quick tutorials on how to play the main instruments needed today for a band or singing group

How to Play the Guitar for Worship

Quick and simple ways to learn how to play guitar and then use it as a means for worshipping the Lord.

You will learn how to use the guitar to accompany your own singing and you will learn how to do this quickly without needing a vast knowledge of music.

You must be prepared to spend time learning and practicing chord formations at first. But once you have learned these, then the rest is simple. You will learn as quickly as you desire.

How to Play the Piano for Worship

If you want to play the piano for entertainment and to do piano recitals publicly, then there are many piano tutorials available and we suggest you try some of them.

But if you want to play piano to accompany singing of worship to the Lord, both for yourself and for a gathering of believers, then we will get you up to speed very quickly.

How to Play Bass Guitar For Worship

We suggest you try this only after you have first learned to play guitar or piano and understand chord progressions and rhythm.

It will not take you long to get playing bass, because you will play simple accompanying patterns along with other instruments such as the guitar.

How to Play Drums For Worship

If you have rhythm built into you and love tapping in time to music, we can get you quickly up to speed playing the drums.

You will learn a method that is not taught anywhere which will allow you to begin playing simple drum beats that are as easy as tapping your feet to the music. Then you will build up from there and make full use of the drumsticks, using all the drums in the drum kit and also all the cymbals.

Unlike most drummers today, you will make good use of the high-hat cymbals in your drumming. Once you can play every part of the drum kit you will be ready to add extra pieces like cymbals, blocks, cowbells etc.

Singing Lessons

Even if you feel you have no singing ability and people have told you that you sing terribly, we can help you use your voice to sing for the Lord. As long as you can keep a tune you can develop your voice.

Develop Natural Potential of Your Singing Voice

You do not need to have been born with great singing ability. If you can speak, you can develop and improve your singing voice very easily, and use it to produce great music.

You will be shown simple ways to make your voice sound best when you sing. Then once you have found the best quality for your voice, you will be able to add extra actions to improve it, like vibrato.

How to Sing Harmonies to Accompany Song Melodies

Even if you do not have a wonderful quality voice to sing the main melody of a song, you can still sing harmonies to accompany someone else and you will sound great as your voice blends with theirs.


How to write your own songs. This includes both the writing of the words for a song and then adding a melody to the words you have written.

Many do this the other way around, but we found it easier to do it this way. You will be amazed at how easy it is to write your own song.

Song Recording and Mixing

The only way to make your music available to the world and the Body of Christ is to record your music and singing and mix your recordings together to produce a song that can be published and shared with the world.

We will show you the options available for you to do this, including both professional systems that you can purchase and also a totally free system that allows you to produce unlimited recordings using only your laptop and an internet connection.

Publishing Your Music

The. best way to make your Christian music available publicly is to post your songs online on a website. It is easy to publish secular songs, but the Christian market is limited. Also believers will be more forgiving if your recordings are anointed but not totally professional.

You will learn the main options available to you and become part of a fellowship of fellow Christian musicians and singers who like you are producing their own materials.

Ultimately we want to help you use this as a ministry to the Lord and to the Body of Christ, and not a means of making money.